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Puritan's Pride® offers nutritional products containing the highest quality class of ingredients to our customers. Puritans pride reduces costs by reducing the cost by managing our products 100% in-house, and we are returning them to our customers. 

Please check the quality and value of commitment by yourself by all means.

Bohemia, NY


Strict management of quality in all processes



All products of Puritans pride use high quality raw materials carefully selected from all over the world. We conduct surveys, evaluations and tests based on strict guidelines for all raw materials and exclude raw materials that do not meet our high quality standards.



In order to deliver high quality products carefully selected to customers, all supplements must be thoroughly inspected throughout the entire manufacturing process and pass a number of tests.


Product warehouse

Our company manages a large amount of inventory by advanced technology and skilled staff, we have prepared a system that packs goods ordered from customers and can ship quickly.

Customer Service

Customer service

An experienced staff member carefully responds to customer inquiries. From customer service to refund guarantee, we always offer our customers the first service.

Locations throughout the United States

Bayport, NY

Manufacture of soft capsule

Location:  Bayport, NY 
Size:  Approximately 15,003 square meters Year of 
establishment:  1998



 Garden Grove, CA

Tablet manufacture and packaging

Location:  Garden Grove, CA 
Scale:  approximately 13,006 square meters Year of 
establishment:  2008



Bohemia, NY

Operation · Packaging · Manufacture

Location:  Bohemia, NY 
Size:  Approximately 15,700 square meters 
Year of establishment:  1981



Hazelton, PA

Logistics (Distribution)

Location:  Hazelton, PA 
Size:  approx. 38,424 square meters 
Year of establishment:  2007



Bohemia, NY

Operation and warehouse

Location:  South Plainfield, NJ 
Size:  Approximately 10,219 square meters Year of 
establishment:  2003



Anaheim, CA

Production · Packaging · Distribution 

Location:  Anaheim, CA 
Size:  approx. 26,583 square meters Year of 
establishment:  2001



Bohemia, NY

Manufacture of tablets, liquids, creams and oils

Location:  Bohemia, NY 
Size:  approx. 7,432 square meters Year of 
establishment:  1977



Bohemia, NY

Manufacturing, preparation, milling, packaging

Location:  Bohemia, NY 
Size:  approx. 6,967 sq. Ft. 
Year Established:  1995



Holbrook, NY

Operation · Logistics 

Location:  Holbrook, NY 
Size:  approx. 21,367 sq. Ft. 
Year Established:  1993



Ronkonkoma, NY

Product warehouse

Location:  Ronkonkoma, NY 
Size:  approx. 6,967 sq. Founit 
year:  1999



Holbrook, NY

Packaging · IT engineering

Location:  Holbrook, NY 
Size:  approx. 10,033 sq.ft 
Established:  2001



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