Notes before purchase

Please read before purchasing!

  •  Since our order is private imports, please order according to the rule of personal import. If entering company name or organization name is entered in the column of orderer's name, it may not be handled as individual import handling.

  •  Depending on your order amount, import tax will be incurred by customs. We recommend orderingwithin tax-free range (roughly less than 16000 yen).

  •  Imports tax will be incurred as orders made by family members, corporations and corporations will not be personal imports. Thank you for your order with each individual.

  •  If you order more than 2 mouths on the same day, such as bulk buying, depending on the amount, it will be subject to import tax if you are judged as one package at customs.

  • Customers who exceeded the  tax exclusion range (roughly 16000 yen) are ordered and import taxes are incurred, customers who are individual importers are obliged to pay taxes.

  • Even if you order  within the tax-exempt range (roughly less than 16000 yen), import tax will be incurred if it is judged that the number of orders exceeds the range of personal use by Japanese customs.

  •  Regarding the use of credit debit cards, we ask that you fully understand the characteristics of debit services such as credit (authorization), settlement, refund mechanism, etc.